What is included in the mentorship program?

The program consists of one work week on site with us in San Diego, primarily shadowing and studying under Jonathan though also meeting and collaborating with other practitioners in the Kinetik Performance office. You will be provided a workbook to take home and there will be time set aside for hands-on practice of the protocols you will be learning/reviewing.

What is the cost?

$1995 USD

Who is this for? At what stage in my career or studies should I come?

Whether you are an experienced practitioner, new practitioner or currently a student, or seeking to explore a field for a future career, you will grow from this intensive, hands-on practicum in our elite environment. We encourage you to apply now and if needed, discuss with us the ideal timeframe to fit your specific scenario.

How do I sign up?

Use the form below to apply, and we will be in touch shortly upon receiving your application.




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