Corporate/Group Presentations

posture, ergonomics, exercise & performance

If you are looking for a speaker to energize and revitalize members of your office or organization, look no further. Jonathan’s knowledge of biomechanics does not only apply to high-performing elite athletes seeking Olympic medals or national titles. There is no honest debate about whether the human body is designed to sit at a desk for 40 hours per week (or more) — it simply isn’t. Our white collar workforce is currently reaping the side effects of the tech economy in back pain, joint weakness, postural deficiencies, increased rates of diabetes and cardiac disease, and weight issues. Jonathan can present clear and actionable solutions to counteract these unintended consequences, suggest ideal exercises to incorporate into your daily routine for a given setting, and transform your personal mindset and company culture to place a higher value on physical movement and the increased fulfillment and productivity that results from a healthy and energetic workforce.

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