Below are some short instructional videos for different exercises and techniques; click here to see my YouTube channel for more.

Many of the concepts in my videos originate from the work of Guy Voyer and/or Dan Pfaff, see specific descriptions on YouTube.

Running shoes come in a wide variety of brands, style, and build. Here are a few basic tips for selecting something that will work for you.

Watch the full ELDOA playlist on YouTube.

Who hasn't turned their ankle at some point while exercising or even just taking a wrong step? Here's what to do.

This simple technique is a good way to release the psoas (part of the hip flexor group), which may be involved with lower back pain and other issues in the area.

This Ankle floss playlist is a must-watch for anyone who needs to regain ankle mobility after a sprain or who is fighting nearly any foot or shin issue. See blog post here.

The Reverse Hyper is a great machine to use for treating and strengthening the entire posterior chain and compression in the low back in particular.